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Christian Fellowship of Rolla
1390 S. Bishop Ave. Rolla, MO 65401

Tel: (573) 308-6631


Donations welcome


In Person: We take a weekly tithe/offering that you're welcome to donate through.

Online Donation: You can donate online through or click the green "Give" button

Special Funds: (There are three funds that can be donated to)

1. General Fund) This will go to cover the annual budgeted items that are presented to the Church each year

2. Jeremy Uganda) Jeremy Schmitz is a Missionary in Uganda that we support on a monthly basis. We also accept additional donations through the Church that will go directly to him. Click his Facebook page to learn more about Jeremy's work...

3. The Refugee Project-Iran) There is a Christian family who had to flee from Iran to seek Refugee in a different country. Our Church is attempting to get them into the States. 

If you would like to give to one of the special funds:

Check) write in the memo which fund you'd like it to go to

Online) when you give online select which fund you'd like it to go to

*online donations: ~3% fee is used to cover the cost of donations online

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