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Associate PASTOR


My name is Nathan Chirban. I became a believe in Jesus Christ when I was eight years old at the play "Heaven's Gates or Hell's Flames". I was raised in Church and felt Christ calling me to turn my heart to Him. I saw this as the beginning of my continual journey to discover a deeper relationship with my Saviour Jesus Christ.

I was baptized at the church, Landmark Baptist. My family attended there until I was twelve years old. At that time, my family, along with a couple of other family's, started a home church. That church grew beyond the walls of a home; so we began meeting at my family's Fitness gym. That building housed our Church for the better part of 10 years until we grew beyond that building as well into the building we are in today.

God has brought me along a wonderful journey with so much blessing. I married my high-school sweet heart, Julie, in 2009. We now have two beautiful daughters who we homeschool together. I've been a part of this Church body since 2002 and love them as my family. I praise God to see how He continues to work through this congregation.

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